Why does 80% of the population still think CBD is illegal?

If I take all this time to share with you about CBDit’s at the first point to dissipate some misunderstandings and mistakes about this molecule. For the general public, hemp, CBD, and cannabis belong to the secret world of illegal recreational drugs, and they ignore most of the time that CBD could be used as a very interesting food supplement with efficient properties.

Cannabidiol or CBD is extracted from hemp, which is a plant of the cannabis family. Scientists have discovered several benefits of this CBD, and many of the countries have legalized CBD as a therapeutic drug. However, many states and countries around the globe still have not authorized the drug in their respective zones.

There are many myths about CBD :

  • Some people think that CBD can make people high.
  • Some others are saying that it’s a financial bubble and comparing the cannabidiol market to Bitcoin.
  • Some others think that this molecule as no therapeutical effects and that selling it is a marketing scam.
  • Some countries (very few) still prohibit it just because it is extracted from hemp/marijuana/cannabis.

Opposed views and misunderstanding

Some are of the opinion that people can lose their state of sanity, whereas this is just a myth, and there is no such proof. CBD is devoid of any constituent that can make you “high”. Still, several people think Cannabidiol is harmful to the body and can create havoc on the lives of people. They are utterly wrong and live in a world of misconceptions according to the medical benefits and other countries where CBD is legal for long ago.

The benefits of CBD

The benefits of Cbd are prevalent there, and people are highly benefitting from the use of Cbd, it releases people off their pains and provides peace and serenity in their lives. It works like a painkiller but does not have the side effects that come attached to an ordinary painkiller. Still, about 80% of the population is still thinking that this molecule is illegal.

Cbd is used in sports as well since the chemical constituents of CBD are not prohibited, since the 1st January of 2018, TheWorld Anti-Doping Agency officially authorizes the usage of cannabidiol by removing it from their prohibited chemical list. And be sure that THC (which makes you high) will stay for some more time in this famous list!

The present scenario

Most of the states consider CBD legal but only if it is made and produced under specific organizations and law. If not, then they consider it to be illegal and it could become a criminal offense to grow or produce Cbd. Some producers have a misconception about the law in their state and start growing illegal cannabis that is not industrial hemp.

The FDA has issued several notices and letters of warming to companies selling CBD for its therapeutic values, and they treat illnesses and diseases. This has kept the Food and Drug Administration very busy those last years!

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