50 years of scientific research on CBD *

* CBD stand for Cannabidiol, it’s also know as Medical Cannabis

Everything started with a little girl named Charlotte, a wonderful 12 years old girl who unluckily was suffering from Dravet Syndrome, an extremly rare form of epilepsy. This little girl grew up with this syndrome and experienced a very hard life with seizure, cognitive decline and Autistic behaviour  …

But one day everything changed when Charlotte was introduced to cannabidiol. Few months after starting taking a very special CBD hemp her whole condition change drastically and most of the symptom were gone. This change was so intense on this girl and on the family’s life that  it impacted the whole Colorado States !

From this event, researchers and scientists got interrested in this plant and decided to push the limit of Science on this subject at a worldwide level. Their work brought Cannabidiol at the front of medical scene and in 2019 this is one of the most talked subject on the Internet !

Find out their discoveries and learn more about Charlottes’s story 

2019 Medical research on Cannabidiol

20 incredible benefits of CBD on your body

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Charlotte was the first to raise awardness about the medical aspect of cannabidiol but there are hundred of stories and testimonies around the world of people who used CBD oil and improved their conditions. Charlotte story is great to have some culture about CBD but scientific research on this molecule is even more passionating ! When it comes to medicinal property and benefits of Cannabidiol we must rely on approved scientist papers/publications.

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Evolution of the CBD law : A complete article that zoom on the legislation of CBD around the world where you will discover that some countries still prohibit the use of Cannabidiol !

When to use CBD ? : A tutorial to help new cbd user find the good CBD concentration that suit them and a completly free online calculator for customized CBD quantity calculation.

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