Organic hemp infusions

Finest hemp infusion and tea on the market. Enjoy our fresh Citrus Maté with hemp leaves for great morning energy or Black Assarn tea with 26% hemp leaves for a strong energy boost or Naturicious Rooibos infusion with cannabis leaves for a good relaxed night.

How to use those hemp teas

Those teas contain a small amount of CBD and other cannabinoids naturally present in hemp leaves. To extract those cannabinoids and be able to drink them you need to add a small amount of oily solution. If you are infusing those teas in hot water, you should add a little bit of milk so the fat contained in the milk will carry the Cannabidiol and your organism will be able to assimilate it very easily.

Those tea and infusions are fully organic and made with a mix of high-quality hemp & flowers.

cannabis hemp tea infusion CBD

2 teas and 1 infusion with hemp leaves