This is where CBD users can come and share their experiences with cannabidiol. You can read the story of many people or you can take 5 minutes to write your story too 🙂

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  • How do you take Cannabidiol? CBD oil / vape / hemp infusion / extracts / CBD capsule ?
  • Describe how you felt (physically and mentally) while using CBD
  • Try to be useful to the community.
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3 thoughts on “Review and testimony about CBD

  1. Jacob says:

    I’ve been using CBD for almost three months and finding out about it to a lot of people around me. It’s one of the cannabis cannabidoides, like CBDa, THC, etc…. Except that it has no psychotropic effect (deformity) and is increasingly used at the Medicinal level in the other Atlantic for patients who do not need THC. Now around me a lot of people use it but more in sublingual oil than vaporizer:
    – Adults a little older : anxiety reduction, stress, helps to sleep better, reduction of muscle pain
    – Young people like me : perfect for recovery after sports, for stopping Clop/weed, for destroying and suppressing anxiety, and for back pain

    There are many other effects like the reduction of spacity and spasms, a friend who suffers from it uses it in Vapo but in 300 mg for 10 ml.Neuroprotector, anxiolitic, psychotic anti-psychotic, tres used for epilepsy and fybromlalgia, neurprotector, tres good for diabetes

    And especially anti-inflammatory

    In short, it is a great product that I recommend! Everything without side effects, it allows to manage many ailments and to remove many medicines! In addition it is generally derived from organic hemp to not have more than 0.2% THC

    1. Kim zyma says:

      Thank you. Have been on lexapro for years and I want to get off of it. Hate the side affects weight gain exc.. I don’t want to feel stoned. How can I get to try this?

  2. Maria says:

    I had a little apprehension in ordering here, for legal reasons, given all the polemics and mentalities that struggle to evolve in US … In the end, I don’t regret it. The CBD is absolutely not a narcotic and I can attest to its benefits: decreasing anxiety, a more serene state of mind and a general feeling of well-being at the level of the body, and the mind. It is a product that deserves to be marketed freely, for people for whom the chemical treatments prescribed by official medicine do not work and who moreover (this is my case) cause health problems when I had no physical health problems before taking the treatment.
    So thanks to you! You are helping to change attitudes gradually, and giving people who need it the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a more natural product.

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