Today I’m a bit bored by some of the messages I received from a few of our readers.

I’m sorry to say this a bit baldly but with the rise of public interest about CBD, there are some new users that join the community without any knowledge nor patience to learn more about our favorite molecule. While I spent countless hours writing what I think is the most precise content about cannabidiol and science you can find online, some people just don’t have the patience and ask me if CBD could work for their specific condition.

I am not your doctor

Let’s be clear right away, even if I have a long experience about cannabidiol, I’m not a doctor nor a scientist. My ‘job’ passion is to produce a top-notch quality CBD oil and I use my spare time to share with you my fascination with CBD’s properties and the last researches about it. As an approved producer and seller, my company Naturicious has to be very clear and will never promise a recovery or healing of any illness or disease.

It’s the law but mostly, it’s to be respectful of our customers and only provide accurate and useful information, not selling them the moon …

My personal experience

If I’m here today writing to you about cannabidiol it’s first of all that this hemp extract brought many positive events in my life and in my family life. Today I’m fully dedicated to this molecule because I deeply think that it could revolutionize the healthcare industry, as an adult getting older with the time I have seen some great positive effect of CBD on my joints and especially on one of my knees that have been broken some years ago … Those concrete improvements on my body and the complete absence of side-effects convince me that CBD was really a fascinating chemical compound. This was some time ago when I started discovering CBD and my case is not special, there are hundreds of thousands of reviews and testimonies about the positives effects of Cannabidiol that you can find online. Some of them use it for sleep, pain, muscles recovery, stress, skin trouble, etc …

Since there is no side effect it worth a lot to give it a try …

“So … How do I know CBD is useful for me ?”

Okay … So let’s answer this very repetitive question and hope our new impatient members of the community will read it. Well first if you have any disease or specific condition and looking for a solution, you need to ask your doctor. Asking a specialist is always the right thing to do and you can even talk to him about Cannabidiol (with a little chance he will know about CBD and could recommend you some appropriate treatments).

But if you are in good health and want to know if CBD can benefit your body then there is only one good answer :

You have to try it!

Everyone is different, everyone is specific and everyone doesn’t react the same way to cannabidiol. Some people think CBD is super useful to help find sleep or to reduce pain while some others have mixed feelings about the molecule. But most important is that all those users did get through the door and started experiencing CBD, this is actually the only way to really understand the effects on your body…

If I am a bit bothered today it’s because when new clients take the plunge and start experiencing our CBD oil they come back to us very quickly to tell us how they enjoyed our products and how they wished to have known this cannabinoid earlier… Reading and understanding how it works is important but testing and trying is the basis and I heavily encourage any curious user to give it a try.

Our Naturicious 3% CBD oil is actually made for people for want to start CBD, this product is one of the finest oil you can currently find, it comes with all the guarantees, NO THC, NO Heavy metals, NO Pesticides, and everything is certified by an independent laboratory. This top-quality hemp extract is as low as $65 in the 10ml bottle and should give you one month of daily use.

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We tick all the boxes

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