Overview of the CBD legislation in the United-States of America

Hemp and Cannabis derivatives products have been forbidden for long time in the U.S but things are starting to change in April 2019 with a new farm bill signed by Donal Trump. This bill autorizing the growth and transformation of Industrial hemp as far as this hemp does not contain more than 0.3% of THC.

This bill was quickly applied by all 50 states but with time some of them started having second thoughts and decided to lightly restrict the CBD law in their respective juridiction.

Those refractory states are not oppose to cannabidiol nor prohibiting it but they add some restrictions about the usage of the plant (ex : for smoking) and the part of hemp that is used (ex : flower). But most of those restrictions are for farmers and hemp growers not for final users, so you don’t need to worry if you want to buy and use your favorite 5% CBD oil (with 0% THC).

Choose your hemp oil wisely

Now that you understand the main differences between CBD, THC, Hemp and Marijuana, you know that THC is the molecule of concern and if your state did not legalize it’s usage (for medical or recreationnal purpose) you simply cannot use it…

And this is where you have to be very carefull because some “CBD oil” are made using a chemical solvant extraction method that cause the THC to flow in the extracted solution. Without a specific medical authorization or a states level marijuana bill, this cannabidiol oil is totally forbidden !

This is exactly why all our product are made using a clean C02 super-critical extraction method, making all Naturicious CBD oil 100% THC free.

CBD vs Marijuana vs hemp

You really should not confond CBD, hemp and Marijuana because this is where you can find the limit between legality and prohibition ! Cannabidiol is just an isolated molecule of hemp but Marijuana il the full plant that contains a bit of CBD but THC too ! And when THC joins the game this is where it’s getting regulated.

With the last farm bill, this has become very clear about the vocabulary and the pros in the cannabis industry know the differences and so should you :

  • Hemp is a Cannabis plant that produce less than 0.3% of THC and about 3-8% of CBD, It is legal to grow in the U.S
  • Marijuana contains much more THC (between 5 to 30% THC) and about 3-15% of CBD, this plant is illegal or regulated.
  • CBD extracted from industrial hemp contain no THC, it is fully legal in all 50 states of America.

(very) Frequently asked questions

Products that contain CBD are autorized but it’s 100% forbidden to have THC in it unless your states autorize it. You have to be very carefull for CBD oils because some of them are pure hemp oil (full spectrum) and will contain about 0.3% THC wich is illegal (depending on your residentials State)

Again it depend of the legislation of your state but you have to know that buds/flowers are event more restricted than CBD oil because you are 100% sure that there is some THC in it ! For industrial hemp flower CBD is araound 5% and 0.3% THC and for cannabis strain CBD can go up to 25% for about 1% THC. Again check your state’s reglementation to see if you can use cannabidiol buds.

Same as previous answers, all food and drinks are totally autorized as far as they contain 0% THC. If there is even a small dose of THC you need to check the law of your states for majijuana usage.