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Cannabis and professional sports

One would automatically assume that as soon as a professional athlete starts getting involved in cannabis, it would probably mean the end of their competitive careers. This is especially true in a physically demanding sport such as MMA. On the contrary, the days in which you had to smoke cannabis in order to consume it are long gone; It doesn’t even have to cause any major psychoactive effects for the benefits to be taken advantage of prior to competition. Now, you can literally consume some of the cannabis derivatives on the market right and win the rewards as you step into your arena of competition, and also immediately after.

It’s no secret that anyone and everyone on the MMA scene has heard of or used CBD. As a matter of fact, CBD is still a big deal even outside the world of fighting. Now there are people everywhere using this non-intoxicating general wellness supplement in order to help them live their best lives. But then again, it hasn’t become more popular anywhere than with MMA fighters. As it seems to be, MMA and CBD oil go hand in hand, as CBD has lured so many MMA fighters to try it. Let’s find out why.

The rapidly growing popularity of the compound and its various potential benefits has dazed many MMA fighters with its potential effects. There is also the convenience of the diverse ways of using CBD, which include tinctures, topical, and vapes. This is one of the main reasons behind CBD attracting major attention in MMA, as it comes in numerous forms and provides athletes with the opportunity to use it how it suits them. Cannabidiol is commonly taken as an oil or in a vaporizer. It has taken the world of MMA by storm in recent years, which is mainly due to its ability to prevent inflammation and help reduce pain. This non-psychoactive form of cannabis has entered a number of MMA stars’ fitness regimes, and many have even spoken in the media and endorsed CBD as good for contact sports and in making your life better.

Mixed martial arts is without a doubt a high-contact, high-risk sport. Many injuries are common, and all fighters often expect severe injuries no matter what their skill level may be. Also, MMA fighters may experience chronic, lingering pain even after recovery. It is believed that CBD can act as an anti-inflammatory, which means that it could treat pain, as numerous research studies have been published on this topic over the years. A recent study had found that transdermal CBD application has reduced inflammation and arthritis pain in rats. This study shows promise along with many others, although it was an animal study. Other studies in more recent time as a 2020 review in Pharmacology, also suggest that CBD can help with chronic pain.


Additionally, CBD can be used to help with anxiety in sleep. Calming down is beneficial in any high-stress situation, and anxiety can be an issue with athletes, especially MMA fighters, in the sense of stage fright. Not many situations are more stressful than a big fight, so CBD may be a useful tool for MMA athletes before fights. Such a physically and psychologically demanding sport will seem either absolutely intimidating or extremely thrilling, depending on how strong the player feels. So, for one to be a consistently high-performing MMA fighter, it is important to figure out coping mechanisms for an intense fight and healing the body and mind post-fight. CBD seems to come on top of those healing medicines since more and more MMA stars have talked publicly about the therapeutic benefits of using CBD products.

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