On this page you can find a summary of the last news and researches from scientist publications sources. Most of these reasearches are pre-clinical conclusions on small groups of people or observations on animals, this article or our products are absolutely not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your professional healthcare for any specific condition.

CBD or Cannabidiol is the type of compound found in the cannabis plant that is currently gaining a lot of popularity across the globe for the amazing medicinal properties it owns. The benefits of CBD aren’t limited to resolving a particular symptom of a certain disease. Its widespread uses for different health-related disorders is worthy of notice. But, is it really true that CBD can cure cancer? Research work is still in progress and it’s hard to come to a definite conclusion, however, there have been several studies proving the impact of CBD on the different symptoms that cancer brings with it. These symptoms are either caused by the disease or its treatment (chemotherapy).

Another important thing one needs to know is that CBD and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) aren’t the same. Unlike THC, CBD does not have the psychoactive properties of marijuana which gets you ‘high’. Also, the reactions they cause are completely different. CBD is the best way one can reduce chronic pain and anxiety.

How much do you know about Cancer?

Cancer is the kind of disease which occurs secondary to a disturbance in the normal proliferation of the cell cycle. When it is disrupted, it results in the occurrence of uncontrollable division of cells. This, in turn, is the cause behind the damaged immune system, growth of the tumor, and other problems which can have a fatal outcome over the long-term. Cancer is an umbrella term under which several types of dangerous diseases take shelter. In certain kinds of cancer, the cellular growth is rapid whereas in other types they continue to divide but at a slower rate. Every cell in our body receives certain instructions to die which is called ‘apoptosis’. This is because new cells need to replace older ones. However, in cancerous cells, there is disruption of the normal division cycle of the cells. This causes the body to use up oxygen in order to provide nutrients to the continuously-dividing cancer cells that refuse to die.

Can CBD put an end to Cancer?

There is insufficient evidence to make any conclusions about the therapeutic efficacy of CBD as a treatment for cancer of various types. However, the findings of preclinical studies suggest that clinical research with CBD is promising and warrants investigation.

How can CBD help fight cancer?

CBD has the power to help cancer patients through:

  • Stimulating appetite: The presence of cannabinoids in the bloodstream will stimulate the appetite.
    Most people going through cancer chemotherapy experience nausea and loss of appetite. These symptoms can make it difficult for them to maintain a healthy weight.Recently, a human study compared between the effects of cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)-which has the psychoactive properties of marijuana and placebo on appetite and quality of life in 289 patients with cancer-related anorexia-cachexia syndrome. The patients were randomized to receive one of three treatment options: 1st group (CBD and THC); 2nd group (THC only); 3rd group (Placebo). Patients on combined therapy of CBD and THC revealed the highest increase in appetite (73%) followed by placebo (69%), and THC (58%), respectively. Based on these findings, the impact of THC alone on appetite was lower than placebo, but when added to CBD, it resulted in an increase in appetite above placebo level. This implicates the potentially effective impact of CBD on appetite in cancer patients. Noteworthy, the differences between the studies groups did not result in any statistical significance. Therefore, one should cautiously interpret the findings of each study and not implicate the usefulness of any medication unless the findings clearly mention that. More research is needed in this particular field in order to be able to draw conclusions about the usefulness of CBD in managing cancer-related symptoms.
  • Pain: Everything about cancer is painful. From the disease to its treatment. CBD reduces inflammation and takes care of pain without causing the side effects opioids can cause.
  • Nausea: People experience vomiting and nausea because of ongoing chemotherapy. The anti-nausea effect of CBD can put an end to this.

Recent advances in the treatment of Cancer with CBD

Julian Kenyon conducted the first human study of its kind in 2018 to examine any anti-cancer properties to pharmaceutical-grade synthetic cannabidiol (CBD). The data of a total of 119 cancer patients, with different types of cancer, were investigated over a four-year period. The authors noted clinical responses in the majority of cancer patients (92%) with solid tumors to CBD including a significant reduction in the number of circulating tumor cells in some cases and reduction in the overall size of the tumor mass, as shown by scans. Pharmaceutical-grade CBD was well tolerated by all patients and not a single side-effect of any kind was observed. The authors reached the conclusion that Cannabidiol could be a future candidate for treating cancer, especially breast cancer, and glioma.

Noteworthy, even though CBD exhibited very promising effects in cancer management and treatment over the long-term in a single study with no side-effects at all, it is still too early to make any claims about CBD for cancer treatment.

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