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Depression is a state of mind when someone is going through immense sadness or feeling like they are stuck somewhere. If it is not treated at the right time, it will take an acute stage which is not suitable for the person who is going through it. Well, right now, depression is one of the leading psychological issues in the world, and countless people are going through the ill effects of it.

Major depression is a widespread disease, with a lifetime prevalence of 15%. It’s associated with a significant burden on the quality of life and work productivity of depressed individuals, with a high risk of mortality due to suicidal thoughts and actions. Unfortunately, the majority of depressed patients (two-thirds) do not achieve full remission (cure), which is the key to retaining full functionality. To date, the available treatment strategies for these patients are though changing, augmenting, and combining anti-depressant medications.

To deal with depression, one has to be strong enough and then only he or she can come out of that. Also, studies have shown that one can take the help of CBD oil, which is helpful to cure the symptoms of depression. However, until the current time, recommendations for the routine use of CBD in treating depression and other neuropsychiatry disorders cannot be made. So, let us bring some insights into the benefits of CBD on targeting depression.

Studies that prove that CBD is beneficial in treating depression

Many studies and observations suggest that CBD can treat depression. Let us have a precise look at the studies that signifies the benefits of CBD in treating depression.

  •    Rodent evidence– Some experts experimented CBD on rodent models. All of the rodents were epileptic. They were amazed after acknowledging that it reduces neuronal atrophy as well the death of the hippocampus. Well, these are the reasons why many people suffer from symptoms of depression. Moreover, several studies have confirmed that CBD efficiently reduces anxiety in rodents after either single or repeated administration, which is also helpful in the management of depression.
  •    Human evidence– Just like the epileptic rats, people who intake Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) have a smaller hippocampus. But, when they were provided with a combined dose of CBD and THC, it showed that it could stop the shrinkage of the hippocampus. Hippocampus is that part of the brain where the neuron atrophies take place and make a person depressed.

Our clients love CBD against depression :

According to scientists, CBD is capable of protecting or regenerating the hippocampus with the help of these pathways:

  •    EndocannabinoidsEndocannabinoids are compounds, which target the brain as well as the body, to improve appetite, memory, and other areas of functioning. Also, endocannabinoid reduces inflammations in various medical conditions and improves sleep. Combination of all these can also help a person to stay away from the unwanted circumstances of depression.
  •    Brain-derived neurotrophic factor or BDNF– This is a protein that helps in the survival of existing neurons as well as connections.
  •    Serotonin receptors– Now, this is one of the most significant points. Well, serotonin is the hormone that induces the excellent mood in us and for that reason; it is a very substantial hormone. CBD is also known to target serotonin receptors (5-HT 1A) to exhibit serotonin-like actions.
  •    PPAR– Whenever CBD is combined with this receptor; it sends a message to DNA so that it can manufacture a vast range of compounds that are neuron-protecting and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Some clues that signify that CBD helps to combat depression

Circumstantial evidence– Some studies justify that cannabis can cure depression. However, more studies are in need to confirm its effects on individuals with major depression.

Experimental evidence– Numerous clinical trials suggest that cannabis can come in handy if you are suffering from the ill effects of depression. It has rapid anti-depressant effects, and that is undeniably quite beneficial during the days of depression. 

Do people think that CBD can treat their Depression?

CBD products are currently purchased everywhere, over the counter throughout most of the country. It is renounced by the U.S Food and Drug Administration as a dietary supplement ingredient. Consumer demand for CBD has been growing, however, only a few studies examined the effects of CBD in treating neuropsychiatric disorders.

Based on the preclinical and clinical studies which suggest that CBD has broad therapeutic value, a recent survey investigation was conducted in order to determine the reasons for the increase in CBD use. The authors found that the majority of CBD users (62%) reported using it to treat a medical condition. Depression was one of the top three medical conditions to be treated with CBD. Nearly half of respondents reported feeling that CBD treated their depression “very well by itself” or “moderately well by itself”.

In conclusion, these data and the findings of other studies (experimental and human) provide a compelling rationale for further research to better determine the therapeutic potential of CBD in treating various neuropsychiatric disorders, especially depression.

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