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Can CBD helps people with autism ?

Autism happens to be a developmental disorder which ends up affecting the behavior and communication pattern. A person suffering from autism experience difficulty in communicating with everyone around them. They also experience narrowed interests and repetitive behaviors. All of these symptoms make it unusually difficult for an individual to be a part of society.

There are several treatment options available and they include traditional meditation and therapy. However, CBD can be the treatment or solution one is looking for to treat Autism. Is it really effective and how does it work? Let’s find out.

Autism: A Brief Overview

Autism is an extremely complex neurobehavioral condition which causes impairment in developmental language, communication skills, and, social interaction all of which combined together with repetitive, rigid behavior. The wide range of symptoms that this disease includes it is referred as ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder. This disease covers a massive spectrum of skills, levels of impairment, and symptoms. Children who suffer from autism face difficulty communicating. They have a hard time understanding what is it that others are feeling and thinking. This makes it very difficult for them to express themselves through gestures, touch, facial expressions, or words.

A child suffering from ASD also face trouble with touch, smell, sight, or sound. Everything that would seem normal to others might cause them pain.

Can CBD make any difference in the lives of kids suffering from autism?

Earlier this year it was reported that the extracts from cannabis can help children with autism and reduce the disruptive behavior that they face while improving the level of social responsiveness. Kids who were treated with a combination of THC and CBD or pure cannabis extract experienced significant improvement in their symptoms whereas those who were given placebo didn’t experience any changes. CBD is the compound that demonstrates no psychoactive behavior, however, it does interact with the cannabinoid receptors found in the brain. CBD has proven useful when it comes to dealing with anxiety and that is why researchers believe it will have a positive effect in the treatment of behavioral problems in kids who are diagnosed with ASD. This also includes violence towards others and acting out.

The use of THC was to improve the social impact on Autism patients. THC can improve social deficits. Those kids who were given pure cannabis and a combination of CBD and THC showed 49% and 53% improvement on two scales. One of which measured the autism symptoms and the other disruptive behavior. On the other hand, the use of placebo only showed 21% improvement.

Once the treatment was started parents started noticing a lot of positive changes in their kids. The benefit that was most commonly observed was the exhibition of positive moods. Anxiety and stress levels reduced. Children enjoyed the luxury of sleep even better. Parents stopped relying on pharmaceutical prescriptions to take care of the needs of their kids suffering from ASD.

This is currently all the connection that has been found between ASD and cannabinoids.

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