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Contrary to what people might believe, cannabis can actually help people suffering from asthmatics in several ways. It might sound surprising, but compounds present in cannabis will actually relieve patients of the life-threatening and acute symptoms that asthma brings with it. If you are one of those many people who picture someone smoking a joint at the mention of cannabis, then you should be glad that you are not alone. But, truth be told when it comes to cannabis everything isn’t that simple.

Asthma: A Primary Introduction To The Disease

Asthma is a long-term inflammatory and chronic disease which affects the airways of the lungs. It is usually genetics that plays a primary part in the development of this disease. However, there are several other factors as well which can trigger an asthma attack.

  • Pollen or Dust – Different Types of Allergens
  • Air Pollution
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Exercise
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Medication
  • Change in weather
  • Strong emotions

Each of these stimulants can result in spasm and obstructions in the sensitive airways. Symptoms include :

Does CBD Help To Reduce The Symptoms Caused By Asthma?

An asthma attack can happen any time and that is why asthmatics carry inhalers with them at all times. The symptoms of asthma can be kept in check when patients take their medications on time. However, not only is suffering from asthma exhausting and frustrating but it is also very persistent. This makes conventional medications pretty useless because they contain immunomodulators and steroids. How is cannabis better than these pharmaceuticals when compared?

Dr. Donald Tashkin began a study in the year 1975 were asthma patients were subjected to actual cannabis that contained 2% of THC as a form of treatment. It was concluded from this study that patients who were given placebo recovered from the bronchial spasms in one hour but those who were treated with cannabis immediately recovered from every symptom of asthma.  This started several other studies on the same subject.

Recent anecdotal reports proved that asthma attacks can be stopped without any harmful side effects with the help of CBD. It was proven that cannabis is indeed a bronchodilator. Research conducted in 2014 proved that cannabinoids activated the CB1 receptors which can prevent spasms and also take care of the dilated organs. If you want a simpler and easier version of this then it is that cannabis can expand airways making it possible for air to reach the lungs easily.

Years have been spent trying to prove the benefits of cannabis on different health factors. CBD is today renowned for being an extraordinary anti-inflammatory agent. It has captured the attention of scientists, medical experts, and users. By now you can have a clear idea that cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant are actually not bad for asthma as it was thought once. There has never been any evidence that a person has died from an overdose of cannabis either.

This is everything that science has to say about cannabis and asthma.

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