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Arthritis is the condition when one or more joints of your body start to inflame. The primary symptoms of Arthritis are joint pains and inflammations. It causes massive suffering and makes it impossible for people who have Arthritis to move about. The stiffness of the bones and joints create havoc on the lives of the people, and it worsens with growing age.

Could CBD help our seniors relieve arthritis pain ?

What are the symptoms involved?

Arthritis can be of two types: osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

  • The symptoms of the arthritic problems are as follows :
    • Massive pain in the joints and bones as the cartilage wears off due to friction.
    • Stiffness of the muscles makes the limbs and joints heavy.
    • Swelling of the joints and making it even more challenging to lead a stable life.
    • Redness around the swelling area causes pain to the victim.
    • Movement is restricted and limited; it makes an able person gradually become inactive.
  • The risks that are involved with Arthritis are as follows :
    • Arthritis is a genetic disease, and if it runs in the family, people are prone to developing it naturally due to the genes. The genes become more susceptible to the factors that may trigger Arthritis in people.
    • Arthritis usually increases with age, as the movement gradually start to cease.
    • Players or even ordinary people who have had previous joint injuries are more likely to develop this disease with age.
    • People who are overweight or are suffering from obesity have high chances of getting affected by Arthritis than any other normal human being.

How does Cbd help in treating Arthritis?

Cannabidiol or CBD helps a lot in reducing the symptoms and effects of Arthritis. Cbd helps in treating Arthritis is in many ways:

  • Reduction of pain :

Cbd has qualities that can ease out the pains in people’s bodies. The pain from Arthritis is tremendous, and it keeps on increasing with age. Cbd helps in keeping the pain suppressed and reduced.

  • Reduction of inflammation :

Inflammation is a common factor in people who are suffering from Arthritis. This inflammation causes joint pains and stiffness. Cbd helps to reduce this pain and provide some relief to the sufferers.

  • Improve physical activity :

Movement takes a back seat if a person starts suffering from Arthritis. The joints stiffen up, making it difficult for people to move smoothly.  Cbd helps to enable movement again and improves physical activities in the victims.

  • Prevention of further damage :

Cbd helps to suppress the damaging qualities of people who are suffering from Arthritis. Cbd oils make sure, the additional damage is restricted and enables you to stay fit and fine.

  • Cbd has no side effects :

Unlike painkillers, which generally come with a series of side effects, using Cbd is not only beneficial, it does not come with any side effects.

CBD has therapeutic effects that help in treating diseases in people. Many countries over the world have legalized Cannabidiol as a medical drug, whereas several other states are yet to do so.

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