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medical studies on anorexiaAnorexia Nervosa is a psychological eating disorder, which can be life-threatening at times. People suffering from this disease have little body weight and mass as compared to their height and body type. They are immune to diseases and are extremely weak. This denotes that the individual is suffering from significant eating disorders.

The symptoms are quite prevalent in eating patterns, exercise and a personal trait that may give indications that a person is anorexic. People struggling with anorexia fear to gain weight and have a disproportionate figure.

What are the reasons for anorexia?

  • Anorexia is a disease, which is mostly psychological, affects the body adversely. People are always led down by society and its superficial beauty standards. This disease is most prevalent in women. They aim at losing body weight to look good and get a sickly figure in return.
  • Sometimes the careers they choose to be in, require them to attain a typical and particular figure throughout. Especially professions like modeling and ballet require their models to be extremely fit and thin.

Some biological factors, too, can be taken into account for the same.

  • Irregular hormone functions often lead to anorexia. This happens due to eating disorders, and the bodies fail to function.
  • Genetics too play an essential role. People who are born with genes that cause anorexia are bound to be thin and fragile.

How does CBD help in this?

CBD or Cannabidiol has therapeutic effects, and this is beneficial for people who are suffering from anorexia. In severe cases, anorexia can affect the brain, and this is why it is necessary to fall back to medical help and CBD for the same.

CBD offers a daily dosage that can reduce endocannabinoid deficiency. This endocannabinoid is responsible for generating the psychological symptoms of anorexia.
CBD helps in balancing out their psychoactive effects without making the patient get high like the TCH very commonly used in marijuana does.
This molecule interacts with the Cb1 and Cb2 receptors, and it affects various parts of the body. CBD when imbibed, it works with the endocannabinoid system that affects several functions including cellular re-growth and release of brain chemicals. It helps people increase their appetite and make them eat a lot that gains muscles and weight in a body.
Cbd helps in detecting and treating the issues that cause anorexia. Using CBD oil, it is possible to treat anorexia by treating the conditions surrounding it and making the user feel remarkably better. The other psychological factors like depression and anxiety are also cured by using CBD. It may not eradicate the entire disease. However, it helps to take the very first step towards it.

These are the benefits of CBD or Cannabidiol. Scientists from many countries around the globe have tested and acknowledged the medical benefits of Cannabidiol and have legalized this due to its therapeutic usage. This drug can save the lives of millions and cure them of their diseases. However, several countries are yet to do it.

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