your ultimate cannabidiol guide 101CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the hidden molecule behind hemp (sativa, indica, etc ..), it has been use for relaxation for generations and was already used in the bronze age. Well to be honest, they probably werent aware of all the molecular components at that time, but they surely where intelligent enought to notice the positive effects that hemp can have on there bodies. So let’s dive into the Cannabidiol subject and disover why CBD is the such a strong topic in 2019.

Before you continue on this page, we recommend you to read The story of Charlotte, a little American girl who stabilised her Dravet Syndrome by using a high CBD hemp Strain. This event was the real begining of the rize of Cannabidiol and it’s always a good story to know and to tell 🙂

What is Cannabidiol ?

It’s a chemical found in all hemp species at differents concentrations, this molecule is from the cannabinoids family like THC but effects are far opposed from tetrahydrocannabinol. THC and CBD both act on the endocannabinoid system (for all mamals) but while THC generate a psychoactiv effect, CBD don’t make people high.

So … it’s light Cannabis, right ?

People like to call CBD “light cannabis“, but it’s wrong because these terms refer to hemp flowers highly concentrate in CBD with the purpose of behing smoked. For medical Cannabis it’s a bit different because flowers contains THC at different level and people need a medical approbation to use these products, then they can smoke it (not recommanded) or make oil or edibles from it.

So CBD cannot really be called “light cannabis” or “medical cannabis” because it’s just one of the molecule of the full plant, it is one of the numerous elements you can find in industrial hemp like terpens, cannabinoids, wax, fibers, etc …

Lets get scientific

CBD molecule wikipedia

Cannabidiol molecule structure on Wikipedia

At a molecular level, when CBD is fully extracted from the plant, it look like a tasteless and odorless powder. Extracting only cannabidiol while removing all other plant material is difficult and expensive because you need high-pressure CO2 extractor.  This separation has to be made to have a pure 99.99% CBD crystals without any THC, the powder is then use to make CBD oil, edibles or cosmetics.

Now it’s getting interesting : CBD is a cannabinoid that act on pain system and Serotonergic system in all mamals brain. It act on specifics brain receptors like 5-HT1A or 5HT3A which are the same receptor used by opiod drugs like pain killer, anti-depression and sleeping pills. And what is even better it that CBD/CBDa have very few benin side effects in contrary of the previous drugs. Now we understand why there is a great potential in cannabidiol : It could simply replace a huge quantity of drugs currently used by 5 to 10% of the world population !

20 incredible scientific discoveries about CBD !

Discover a summary of 50 years of reasearch on Cannabidiol and why this molecule can revolutionize the medical industry in a near future !

Is CBD legal ?

Yes CBD is 100% legal in the United-States  and in 95% of the world countries. The molecule is considered as a food supplement that can be taken wihout restriction. But you have to be carefull of the kind of CBD products that you buy and use because it shoudn’t contain any trace of THC in it. If the product contain even the smallest amount of THC you have to look at the majijuana law in your State. For more informations you can read the updated 2019 CBD law.

You are lucky, all Naturicious products contains 0% THC :


There are plenty of way to assimilate this cannabinoĂŻd but before diving into this i recommend you to read the most common mistakes while taking CBD, it is an interesting summary to help you to avoid making those mistakes.

Can i smoke CBD ?

Okay … Let’s get straight to the point : This is probably the worst way to take CBD and we do no recommend this method. Firstly CBD buds/flowers are not autorize everywhere and even if it’s from industrial hemp. Most of the cannabidiol flowers contains THC and it’s use is highly restricted in some States.

Secondly smoking is an old fashioned way of assimilation, because it burns with a too high and non-necessary temperature. At about 1472 °F (800 °C) everything is burned and the person who smokes is getting all the heavy metals and toxin (toluene, tar, carbon monoxide, heavy metals, etc…).

And to top that, it’s a very inefficient method because most of the CBD is lost in the smoke because the lungs cannot assimilate all the smoke at once.

Should I vape it then ?

Even if it’s not the best way to assimilate cannabidiol, vaping is way better than smoking cbd buds. To vape CBD you cannot use raw plant material like flowers but you need to use pure CBD crystal mixed in your PG/VG solution.

By vaporizing the solution to about 329°F (165°C) you can activate the decarbaxylation process of the CBD (if not already done by manufacturer). The smoke is way colder than real combustion but it’s way cleaner too !

But it is still not a recommended method because the efficiency of assimilation is as bad as smoking.

Sublingual & Ingesting

The best way (efficient & healthy) is to use Cannabidiol edibles (oil, tincture, mix) because it’s very easy for you organism to absorb it this way.

The best method to take CBD is to use some good quality oil (check our 3% Isolate CBD oil) and to put 6 drops of oil under your tongue. You can let it rest here for some minutes before swallowing it. By doing this you will absorb the cbd faster and it will asct faster on your organism, then the non-absorbed cbd in your stomach will be assimilated in the next hours.


Topical is another way to use CBD, it could be interesting if you want to use it on specific regions of your body for it to act locally. CBD lips and gloss are interesting too because the assimilation process is pretty efficient on the lips where high quantity of blood circulate.

Scientific Research

Please note that the following elements are the results of medical experimentation on specifics illness, theses informations are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your healthcare profesionnal prior to use CBD, click on each buttons to get the official sources of the claim.

The main reason why people use this cannabinoid

At every stage of our life we will experience pain … It could be physical or emotionnal or both, and it’s never a great time to experiment pain. Pain is here to tell us that something ins’t right, it’s a natural process and a necessary one but when pain won’t leave on a daily basis it’s important to look for solutions …

There are plenty of different kind of pain-killer and sleeping pills on the market, some patients will go for melatonin while other will go for opiods with heavy side-effects. But today there is a third way that seems very helpull according to the testimonies and reviews we received. CBD is more and more use to help people deal with daily pain and to help them relax and sleep well. In the beginning people used Cannabidiol as auto-medication without any official studies or autorization. But today it’s commonly accepted that this cannabinoid is very efficient to help treating pain. I invite you to click on the button below to discover the last medical research about how cannabidiol can reduce pain by inhibiting the nervous system.

CBD is vastly used to help people with sleeping disorders

Sleeping disorder affect a large part of the world population and Europe and U.S are one of the continents where pain-killer and sleeping-pills are vastly used. Sleeping trouble will affect everybody one day or another, for some people it will be occasionally and there is not need to worry but for others, problems to fall alseep can become dangerous on the long term.

Cannabidiol is vastly used to help falling in a deep and natural sleep, it is already publicly validated by large number of CBD users that CBD is very efficient to calm down the nervous system. Experts also think CBD helps in preventing the breakdown of a chemical neurotransmitter in the brain that affects emotional state, mental function and pain.

Antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistant bacteria are getting more and more common because of the abusive use of antibiotic in years 1970. Some bacteria and disease are stronger than before and medecine need something to boost the efficacity of penicillin, could CBD help ?


Anxiety is a world class problem in our modern society, today billions of people take highly chemical sleeping pills or Opioid to be able to relax. Scientifs are studying a second way to treat anxiety without secondary effects, read more about it now.

High blood pressure

High-blood pressure is a systemic problem because of the occidental life style, we eat very rich in fat and high in sugar and this diet can increase the blood pressure.

Some studies tend to demonstrate that CBD is indeed impact the global body blood pressure …

Addiction and Alcoholism

Cannabidiol can be usefull for addiction and for alcoholism problems, there are many testimony of cannabis or cigarette smokers that succefully stoped there addiction by vaping CBD. In a more medical use, this molecule seems to be pretty usefull to treat alcoholism and some studies have been made on the subject.

Attention deficit

Somes recent studies have focus their  efforts on treating or reducing ADD And ADHD syndromes. There are more and more cases of young children and adults having deficit attention and it looks like cannabidiol could be usefull for these people.

Cannabidiol and Acne

Acne is a benign illness but it can be very problematic for young teenager and even adults. Well good news … some studies tend to show that CBD can help with its anti-inflamatory properties, plus it help the stressed person to be more relax with its anti-anxiety propertie.

CBD and Alzheimer's

Today Alzheimer’s Disease is 6th cause of Death in the U.S ! This disease increased by more than 145% since 20 last years and our seniors are more and more exposed. Science is working hard on this subject and some new interesting properties of the CBD could help …


Anorexia is not a so rare disease as we think, people suffuring from low appetite and slow energy metabolism can be in real danger if this state persists over years. Some promising medical studies focused on treating anorexy using a CBD mix and could end on an effective treatment.


Autism is developmental disorder that makes it difficult for impacted people to socialize and communicate normally. This abnormal development is difficult to diagnose and nearly impossible to cure. Some scientists have made some research about CBD and autism and it looks like there is some good potential to help patients.


Arthritis is a calamity for old people (and for pets too), it’s so common that it looks like we are all going to this stage one day or another … For now it’s impossible to treat arthritic pain permanently but CBD seems usefull to relieve those pain, click on the button to read the scientific reasearchs on this subject.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS is a very rare disease that can manifestate itself at different stages of peoples’s life. This illness make it more and more difficult for people to use their muscles, step by step they loose control of their bobies without any alternative or solution.

Better breathing

Asthma is a pretty common and frequent issue that can be treated if the case is not to serious. CBD have been studied for it’s anti-inflammatory properties and it seems like it could be efficient to help people with breathing problem. You can click on the button to discovers the sources of these studies.


Atherosclerosis is the narrowing of arteries due to plaque in artery. This illness can be very dangerous and even become deadly if not treatead accordingly using specific drugs. Scientists have made some research about CBD and Atherosclerosis, let’s see what they discovered on this molecule.

Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune Diseases are the biggest challenge of modern medecine and this is the most funded branch of scientific research in the world. With the raise of awardness about cannabinoĂŻds and medical cannabis, researcher have now published some interesting discoveries, let’s see what the science say about it !


Cancer is one of the most studied disease and scientifics have expanded their field and started study the effect of cannabidiol on cancerous cells. Those last we have seen numerous new studies about CBD and Cancer, disove the summary these discoveries.

Bipolar disorder & CBDa

Bipolar disorders is a strong disease that attack the brain and the emotive systeme of individuals. There are various stages of bipolar illness and Cannabidiol Acid have already been tested in laboratory by scientists. Some of those studies look very promising and could end up on a cure in a near future.

CBD for animals

Cannabinoids works great on animals too because all mamals species have the same brain receptors, so CBD is working the same on cats and dogs as for humans. This molecule as been proven efficient as a pain killer for dogs and scientists are more interested in CBD than ever by publishing frequent analysis and research results.

Testimonies of users

Important : Those testimonies were posted online, it’s impossible for us to know how exact those testimonies are. You shouldn’t give too much credit to these reviews and more important, always seek the help of you doctor in case of illness. Those review do not concern Naturicious products.

People are diagnosed with different forms of conditions, and in certain grave instances, it becomes impossible to handle them or cure those using medicines of any medical help. This is when the cannabis oil comes into play and helps weave the miracle. The testimonies of several people around the globe hold scientific explanations and theories that have been related to the use of CBD. The purpose of the CBD oil extracted from the hemp plant that is a member of the Cannabis family has shown explicit benefits to several people all around the earth. The testimonies of some of them go as follows:

Stephanie beats her cancer

Stephanie was a 30-year-old woman when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had to undergo chemotherapy. However, after some of the sessions, she decided to take a different route. She found out about Rick Simpson’s cannabis oil. Right after using this oil, she went into remission. She has been free of any cancer for over the past nine years now.

An anonymous person goes pain-free, beats drug abuse

A person, whose identity has been withheld, says that he had been diagnosed with severe neck pain for over 30 years and had got addicted to the painkillers like Excedrin. This led him to suffer from a severe ulcer that was enough for him to succumb to his conditions. Finally, he bought some CBD oil while he was in Florida that was about 1200mg in strength and proved miraculous for him. Not only did it make him feel ultimately better, but it also rinsed the pains and swellings off him. He was able to stretch his muscles out again that he had not been able to in years. He sends out a word of warning for the users at the end. He mentions that any strength under 1200 mg does not work and, in case, somebody struggling with addiction or pain must try this.

A 65-year-old woman was about to replace her hips when she took CBD

A 65-year-old woman was quoted as saying that she was suffering from a pain that came from a cranky hip and her ortho had suggested a hip replacement within 12 months. She started taking Aleve daily to reduce chronic pain. This was when her doctor mentioned CBD. She started taking the oil, and after a week or two, she increased the dose. Even though she could feel the pain due to an incorrect movement, her constant pain had vanished. She has stopped taking Aleve and goes for the daily dose of exercise. She is immensely happy to have got this effect.

Dorothy’s psoriasis takes a back seat

Dorothy shares her experience with hemp oil. She says she is a 53-year-old woman who had psoriasis all her life. Dorothy started applying this oil for 4days, and her psoriasis is almost 150% gone since. This oil is the only one that she has used with positive results, and she is more than elated to recommend it to people all over the world.

Evolution of legislation

The brain is all about symphony, however, it is CBD that brings the symphony into harmony. CBD or the non-psychoactive form of marijuana is gaining popularity with each passing year. It has been proven to soothe stress, relieve anxiety, take care of insomnia, and pain. All of this is done without causing any actual high. The use of CBD can be found everywhere these days from lattes to moisturizers, cookies, vitamins, teas, gummies, ice cream, massage oils, beer, and so on.

President Trump signs Farm Bill to legalize hemp in 2018

In the year 2018, Donald Trump signed the farm bill which gave CBD a new boost. This bill had a provision legalizing the use of hemp which is a form of cannabis, but it lacks every psychoactive reaction.

However, it isn’t all good news. Though CBD containing products are now sold everywhere (U.S 2019 CBD Law) and are highly popular among the masses the possession of CBD in any form can lead to arrests. In Duncanville, authorities barged into a store that is run by Ms. Amy Wazwaz and confiscated every CBD product. They also took away cash amounting to thousands of dollars along with the personal cell phones of employees.

It goes without saying that the dispute related to hemp isn’t something new. It has been prevalent for ages but the intensity of it increased after the federal ban was lifted from the Farm Bill in 2018. Hemp was previously classified as a controlled substance and shared its place with heroin. There is a massive difference between marijuana and hemp. Both of them are different varieties of cannabis. It is also the first plant ever to be cultivated. The chemical produced by this plant family is known as cannabinoids – which is again divided into two parts. A part which produces a high or is responsible for psychoactive reaction when ingested or smoked whereas the other half doesn’t cause any such reaction. CBD is still subjected to regulation when sold for therapeutic benefit.

Last year we saw some real accomplishments and progress in terms of CBD but as 2019 continues the question still remains unanswered – Is CBD legal now? You’ll be surprised to know that though CBD is legal there are some very specific conditions. CBD’s legal status is way more defined with the recent reforms but there are still a few laws which remain unclear and there are quite few new ones we are in need of. The lack of information along with continuous reforms in CBD as to what is legal and what isn’t continues to mess up with people’s understanding of it.

The legality varies from one state to another and federally the determining factors are all about how CBD is extracted and from which source marijuana or hemp. Both the plants are extremely close relatives, but they have been classified under the law very, very differently. It is crucial to understand the difference between them and follow their legal status in each state. Texas is one such state where possessing marijuana is subjected to felony.