High Quality CBD products

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High Purity

We use C02 extractor to recover CBD with a purity of 99.95% resulting in no pesticide or heavy metals in our products.

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0% THC

We isolate the CBD from hemp using the C02 extration resulting in a THC FREE product.

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Quality process

We use a very strict process to make our products, it guarantees quality and the best sanitary possible.

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Lab analysis

The quantity of CBD and the quality of Naturicious products is guarantees by an independant US laboratory .

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Legal in the US

Our products don’t have any THC so they don’t generate psychoactive effects. All the benefit from the plant without the “high”.

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Natural products

We don’t use artificial flavour or colouring, our Cannabidiol products are 100% natural.

Our Mission : Popularize Hemp and CBD

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the hidden molecules behind hemp (Sativa, Indica, etc ..), it has been used for relaxation for generations and was already used in the bronze age. Well, to be honest, they probably weren’t aware of all the molecular components at that time, but they for sure were intelligent enough to notice the positive effects that hemp can have on their bodies. So let’s dive into the Cannabidiol subject and discover why CBD is such a strong topic in 2020.

Before you continue on this page, we recommend you to read The story of Charlotte, a little American girl who stabilized her Dravet Syndrome by using a high CBD hemp Strain named Charlotte’s web. This event was the real beginning of the rise of Cannabidiol and it’s always a good story to know and to tell 🙂

What is Cannabidiol ?

Definition of CBD

It’s a chemical found in all hemp species at differents concentrations, this molecule is from the cannabinoids family, like THC but the effects are far opposed from tetrahydrocannabinol. THC and CBD both act on the endocannabinoid system (for all mammals) but while THC generates a psychoactive effect, Cannabidiol doesn’t make people high.

So … it’s light Cannabis, right?

People like to call Cannabidiollight cannabis“, but it’s wrong because these terms refer to hemp flowers highly concentrate in CBD with the purpose of being smoked. For medical Cannabis it’s a bit different because flowers contain THC at different levels and people need a medical approbation to use these products, then they can smoke it (not recommended) or make oil or edibles from it.

So this compound cannot really be called “light cannabis” or “medical cannabis” because it’s just one of the molecules of the full plant, it is one of the numerous elements you can find in industrial hemp like terpenes, cannabinoids, wax, fibers, etc …

The Science behind Cannabis

Definition of Cannabidiol

At a molecular level, when Cannabidiol is fully extracted from the plant, it looks like a tasteless and odorless powder. Extracting only cannabidiol while removing all other plant material is difficult and expensive because you need high-pressure CO2 extractor.  This separation has to be made to have a pure 99.99% CBD crystals without any THC, the powder is then used to make CBD oil, edibles or cosmetics.

Now it’s getting interesting: Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid that acts on the pain system and Serotonergic system in all mammals brain. It acts on specifics brain receptors like 5-HT1A or 5HT3A which are the same receptor used by opioid drugs like pain killer, anti-depression and sleeping pills.

And what is even better is that CBD/CBDa have very few benign side effects in contrary to the previous drugs. Now we understand why there is a great potential in cannabidiol: It could simply replace a huge quantity of drugs currently used by 5 to 10% of the world population!

Is cannabidiol legal ?

Yes, cannabidiol is 100% legal in the United-States and in 95% of the world countries. The molecule is considered as a food supplement that can be taken without restriction. But you have to be careful of the kind of CBD products that you buy and use because it shouldn’t contain any trace of THC in it. If the product contains even the smallest amount of THC you have to look at the marijuana law in your State. For more informations, you can read the updated 2020 CBD law.

How to take CBD ?

There are plenty of ways to assimilate this cannabinoïd but before diving into this I recommend you to read the most common mistakes while taking CBD, it is an interesting summary to help you to avoid making those mistakes.

Can i smoke CBD?

Okay … Let’s get straight to the point: This is probably the worst way to take Cannabidiol and we do not recommend this method. Firstly CBD buds/flowers are not authorized everywhere and even if it’s from industrial hemp. Most of the cannabidiol flowers contain THC and its use is highly restricted in some States.

Secondly, smoking is an old fashioned way of assimilation, because it burns with a too high and non-necessary temperature. At about 1472 °F (800 °C) everything is burned and the person who smokes is getting all the heavy metals and toxin (toluene, tar, carbon monoxide, heavy metals, etc…).

And to top that, it’s a very inefficient method because most of this active compound is lost in the smoke because the lungs cannot assimilate all the smoke at once.

Should i vape it ?

Even if it’s not the best way to assimilate cannabidiol, vaping is way better than smoking cbd buds.

To vape this molecule you cannot use raw plant material like flowers but you need to use pure Cannabidiol crystal mixed in your PG/VG solution.

By vaporizing the solution to about 329°F (165°C) you can activate the decarboxylation process of the CBD (if not already done by manufacturer). The smoke is way colder than real combustion but it’s way cleaner too!

But it is still not a recommended method because the efficiency of assimilation is as bad as smoking.

Sublingual and Topical

The best way (efficient & healthy) is to use Cannabidiol edibles (oil, tincture, mix) because it’s very easy for your organism to absorb it this way. The best method to take Cannabidiol is to use some good quality oil (check our premium 10% CBD oil) and to put 6 drops of oil under your tongue. You can let it rest here for some minutes before swallowing it. By doing this you will absorb the active compound faster and it will act faster on your organism, then the non-absorbed material in your stomach will be assimilated in the next hours.

Topical is another way to use Cannabidiol, it could be interesting if you want to use it on specific regions of your body for it to act locally. CBD lips and gloss are interesting too because the assimilation process is pretty efficient on the lips where a high quantity of blood circulates.

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